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Voltage Supervisors Feature Open-Drain Outputs

Catalyst Semiconductor has added two open-drain output devices to its line of industry-standard voltage supervisors. The CAT803 voltage supervisor and CAT808 voltage detector provide an open-drain output, active-LOW function. The CAT803 has a reset timeout, with a 140-ms guaranteed-reset period, while the CAT808 has no reset timeout.

The CAT803 is available in standard threshold levels ranging from 2.32 V to 4.63 V, and the CAT808 is available in 2.7-V and 3.2-V threshold levels.

The CAT803 is a drop-in replacement for MAX803 supervisor, and the CAT808 is pin-for-pin compatible with the S-808 voltage detector. Both devices have power transient immunity. Reset thresholds available for the CAT803 are 4.63 V, 4.38 V, 4.00 V, 3.08 V, 2.93 V, 2.63 V and 2.32 V. For the CAT808, these are 3.2 V and 2.7 V. Reset outputs are valid down to 1.0 V.

Packaging for the CAT803 is a 3-lead SC70 and 3-lead SOT23. For the CAT808 this is a 5-lead TSOT23 and 3-lead SOT89. In 10,000 piece quantities, the CAT803 and the CAT808 are $0.20 each. Samples are now available.

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