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Voltage Monitor Protects Single-Supply Loads

Linear Technology’s LTC2912 is a single undervoltage (UV) and overvoltage (OV) monitor for space-conscious applications. Housed in a 3-mm x 2-mm DFN package, the voltage monitoring inputs of the LTC2912 include filtering to reject brief glitches, thus ensuring reliable reset operation without false or noisy triggering. Programmed by external resistors, the UV and OV trip thresholds have a guaranteed ±1.5% threshold accuracy of monitored voltages over temperature and give users the flexibility to tailor the IC to their specific voltage levels.

The LTC2912 features an adjustable timer to define the duration of the UV and OV reset outputs, which function independently of each other. The IC is offered in three output configurations. The LTC2912-1 has a latch control for the OV output; the LTC2912-2 has an OV and UV output disable for margining applications; and the LTC2913-3 is identical to the LTC2912-1 but provides a noninverting OV output. While the LTC2912 operates directly from 2.3-V to 6-V supplies, an internal shunt regulator allows for operation with higher voltages such as 12 V, 24 V and 48 V.

In addition to the single UV and OV monitor, dual and quad versions, the LTC2913 and LTC2914 respectively, are also available. The LTC2912 is offered in 8-lead ThinSOT and 3-mm x 2-mm DFN packages and is specified over the commercial and industrial temperature ranges. The LTC2912 is priced at $1.45 each for 1000-piece quantities.

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