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Two New Switcher ICs operate at 1.2 MHz and 2 MHz

Micrel Inc. has introduced the MIC2605/6, two new ICs switching at 1.2MHz (MIC2605) and 2MHz (MIC2606). Both devices supply up to 0.5A switch current. The ICs, which complement Micrel's recently introduced MIC2601/2 family, are aimed at TV-tuners, broadband communications, TFT-LCD bias supplies, positive output regulators, SEPIC converters, DSL applications and local boost regulators. These latest boost regulators are well suited to meet today's space-sensitive applications by integrating the power switch and the Schottky diode in the IC.

The MIC2605/6 are wide-input range (4.5-20V) integrated switch and Schottky diode boost regulators with output voltage as high as 40V. The devices are ideal for multiple applications. The integrated 0.5A switch and Schottky Diode bring several key benefits to the designer including high power density and low external component count, as well as a low BOM cost. In addition to being easy to use, the devices offer up to 2MHz PWM frequency, and feature high efficiency. Enhanced stability comes from the use of a small ceramic capacitor, which contributes to a low external component count and associated BOM cost.

The solutions come in a small footprint, reliable Pb-free 2mm x 2mm MLF®-8 package. The ICs are currently available in volume quantities, with pricing starting at $0.98 for 1K quantities.

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