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Three-Phase Bridges Feature Compact Housing

Microsemi’s line of standard IGBT three-phase bridge power modules are available in the compact SP3 package (having a 12-mm profile and 40.8-mm x 73.4-mm footprint). Designed for motor control applications, the power modules use fast NPT IGBTs for 20-kHz to 50-kHz applications, and trench-field-stop IGBTs for 5-kHz to 20-kHz applications. For the fast NPT IGBTs, current ratings are in the range of 30 A to 50 A for 600 V, and 15 A to 25 A for 1200 V. For the trench-field-stop IGBTs, current ratings are from 20 A to 75 A for 600 V, and 25 A to 35 A for 1200 V.

The modules also feature integrated sensors to monitor the module’s case temperature for overtemperature protection. While the modules are designed for industrial applications, they are easily upgraded to withstand more severe environmental conditions, like those in aerospace applications. Samples are available immediately. Production prices in quantities of 1000 to 5000 pieces range from $14.75 to $36.17.

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