Power Electronics

Synchronous Buck DC-DC Converters

Enpirion announced the availability of two feature-rich voltage mode synchronous buck DC-DC converters: the 6A EN5364 and the 9A EN5394. These low-power switch-mode converters are complete power systems on a chip (PwrSoC), achieving up to 93% efficiency and integrating the inductor, power switches, gate drive, controller, and loop compensation, all in tiny 8 mm x 11 mm x 1.85 mm packages. The 9A EN5394 sets a new standard in power density by delivering 100 Watts per square inch (15 Watts per square centimeter).

Leading OEMs have widely adopted this technology and are already designing with Enpirion's new 6A and 9A DC-DC converters. The parts meet the precise voltage and fast transient requirements of high-performance applications such as set-top boxes/HD DVRs, LAN/SAN adapter cards, audio/video equipment, optical networking, multi-function printers, test and measurement, embedded computing, storage, and servers.

Operating the EN5364 and EN5394 power devices requires very few external components, resulting in simplified board design and layout, as well as improved manufacturability and reliability. The two parts are pin compatible, offering a scalable power solution that enables the user to easily tune to their design as the power requirements evolve. A rich set of features, including phase-lock operation and phase delay, facilitates ease of use in systems that are sensitive to ripple and beat frequencies.

Enpirion's devices are production qualified and available now, with pricing set at $6.10 for the EN5364 and $7.50 for the EN5394 in quantities of 1000 parts.

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