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Switched-Reluctance Analysis & Enhancements to Thermal Module

Infolytica Corporation announces MotorSolve v4. This new release has numerous improvements, which include a new SRM analysis module and major enhancements to the recently added Thermal analysis module.

MotorSolve now includes a fully automated finite element analysis (FEA) module for switched-reluctance machines. Users can select between an extremely rapid static FEA solve (ideal for early in the design process) or a full time-stepping non-linear FEA simulation (ideal for final design verification), depending on the level of accuracy they require.

MotorSolve SRM outputs the standard performance charts and field plots that motor designers require. Design parameters, performance data and summary comparisons can be recorded in an experimental log or report. Results are also easily accessible either with the use of the clipboard or export functionality.

Building on the recently added MotorSolve Thermal module, new cooling types and other enhancements have been added to the package. Another key feature is the ability to display temperature fields as a shaded plot. This can be shown on radial or axial slices extremely useful when trying to determine hot spots and heat flow between components.

Infolytica Corporation
Part Number: MotorSolve v4

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