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Supervisory Chips Perform Reverse Sequencing

From Maxim Integrated Products, the MAX16050/MAX16051, drop-in power-supply supervisors let customers safely power up and power down their systems without the need for programming and/or elaborate board modifications. The devices sequence up and sequence down as many as five power supplies—even permitting reverse sequencing.

Device type: Drop-in power-supply supervisors
Features: sequencing up and sequence down of as many as five power supplies, while monitoring up to six voltages simultaneously; reverse sequencing with no programming and no external circuitry; devices can be daisy-chained; sequencing order can be changed on-the-fly; 85-mA pulldown circuitry enables fast discharge of output capacitance
Protection features: monitoring undervoltage and overvoltage conditions, 1.5% accurate undervoltage and overvoltage thresholds, independent output signals the system controller in the event of an overvoltage condition
Operating voltage range: 2.7 V to 13.2 V
Supply current: 0.7 mA typ.
Operating temperature range: -40ºC to +85ºC
Packaging: 28-pin, 4mm x 4mm QFN
Target applications: servers/storage, networking, and telecom systems
Pricing: $2.50 each in quantities of 1000
Availability: Samples available now
Data sheet posted on web? yes, see
Also for more information, see www.maxim-ic.com/Reverse-Sequencers

Notes: The MAX16050's novel sequencing engine allows the sequence order to be changed without altering the signal routing to the power supplies. The MAX16050 exchanges the 5th sequencing/monitoring channel, found in the MAX16051, for three 3-state pins used to configure the sequencing order of the four remaining channels in any one of 24 possible combinations. The ability to utilize a pin-selectable sequencing order is said to be unique to the MAX16050.

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