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Specialty Fab Expands BCD Process Technology

Advanced Analogic Technologies (AnalogicTech) (www.analogictech.com), a developer of power management semiconductors for mobile consumer electronic devices, and Vanguard International Semiconductor (VIS) (www.vis.com.tw), a specialty IC foundry service provider, have announced plans to integrate AnalogicTech's 0.35-micron multi-voltage mixed-signal ModularBCD process technology into VIS' advanced 200 mm wafer submicron fabrication facilities in Taiwan.

The deployment of AnalogicTech's ModularBCD process technology is part of the VIS strategy to extend its process spectrum of bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) technology, and enhances the position of VIS in the specialty foundry industry. For AnalogicTech, manufacturing ModularBCD wafers in world-class VIS facilities furthers its corporate strategy to re-use DRAM fabs for the production of new-generation power management ICs. According to the agreement, VIS will manufacture wafers for AnalogicTech and also offer the process for foundry to other fabless companies and IDMs for products that do not compete directly with AnalogicTech's power management offerings.

"AnalogicTech’s customers are developing handsets and consumer electronics that demand the highest quality standards - even more strict than many high-density DRAM devices," said Allen Lam, Vice President of Worldwide Operations for AnalogicTech. “As a leading specialty IC foundry service provider, VIS has a proven track record of high-quality, high-volume foundry services that will enable us to meet or exceed customer expectations with our new ModularBCD products.”

Unlike conventional BCD technologies which rely on high temperature processes and expensive epitaxial deposition to achieve electrical isolation, ModularBCD employs a modern, low-temperature CMOS-like manufacturing flow capable of high yields without sacrificing device performance or electrical isolation. Furthermore, the principle of "modularity" means process modules and devices for different voltages can be added or removed in a modular fashion without redesigning circuitry. This approach makes analog and mixed-signal circuit reuse a viable design methodology.

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