Power Electronics

Small Devices Perform Power-Supply Monitoring

Maxim Integrated Products’ MAX16033-MAX16040 are low-power, microprocessor supervisory circuits with precision power-supply monitoring and battery-control functions. These supervisory circuits offer features including a microprocessor reset, battery-backup switchover, power-fail warning, and chip-enable gating. The MAX16033-MAX16040 also automatically switches the RAM to the backup battery when VCC falls below either the reset threshold or VBATT. These devices also assert a reset when VCC is below the reset-threshold voltage for at least 150 ms after VCC returns above its threshold.

The MAX16033/MAX16037 feature a manual-reset input, and the MAX16036/MAX16040 feature an auxiliary user-adjustable reset input for monitoring a second voltage. The MAX16033-MAX16036 provide internal gating of the chip-enable signals to prevent erroneous data from corrupting the CMOS RAM. The MAX16033-MAX16040 consume 13 μA of quiescent current and can operate from 1.2 V. They are available in 8- or 10-pin microDFN packages. Pricing starts at $1.98 for 1000 pieces.

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