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PWM Controller Provides Small Form Factor Solution

Fairchild Semiconductor developed the FAN6863, a highly integrated PWM controller that offers lower standby power and higher efficiency in a small package size. The FAN6863 minimizes standby power consumption by using a proprietary green-mode function that provides off-time modulation to continuously decrease the switching frequency under light-load conditions. Under zero-load conditions, the power supply enters burst-mode, which shuts off the PWM output. This technology allows the device to achieve excellent standby power: <100mW at no-load conditions, which enables designers to meet international power consumption requirements.

The FAN6863, packaged in a small form factor SSOT-6, is ideal for space constrained designs while offering functionality normally found in devices in larger packages. The device provides large gate driving capability - 400mA for up to 40W applications, surge capability up to 7KV for higher reliability, as well as an integrated internal frequency hopping function which helps reduce EMI emissions with minimal line filters.

Price: US $00.36 in 1,000 quantity pieces
Availability: Samples available now
Delivery: 8-10 weeks ARO

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