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Advanced Power Electronics Corp. has updated two of its most popular PWM controllers to provide customers with space saving and more cost effective devices without sacrificing performance and reliability.

The well-accepted APE3061 PWM controller is now available in a small 8-lead DFN package, reducing package size down from 5x6mm (SO-8) to 3x3 mm, without any negative impacts on power handling capability. The new APE3061GN3-HF-3 component supports input voltages from 3V up to 24V and is designed to drive an external N-channel MOSFET. The output voltage is dependent on the external N-MOSFET and is programmable using an internal reference voltage of 1.0V and external resistors connected as a voltage divider. The controller benefits from built-in enable and thermal shutdown functions. Switching frequency is fixed, around 500kHz, allowing for easy filtering and low noise. The size of the external components can be reduced as well. A soft-start time, preventing overshoot at startup, can be programmed by an outside capacitor.

Using copper wire for internal wire bonding, the APE3061M-HF-3 PWM controller has been updated to the new APE3061AM-HF-3 version. This offers customers a more cost effective solution without impacting performance and reliability. The new, lower cost version uses the same SO-8 Pb-free package as existing APE3061M-HF-3 controllers, which will stay in production for customers wanting to avoid requalification costs. The new APE3061AM-HF-3 device supports input voltages from 3V up to 24V, with an oscillation frequency of 500kHz and an enable/shutdown function. The pulse width varies in a range from 0 to 85%, according to the load current. A soft-start time, preventing overshoot at startup, can be programmed by an outside capacitor.

Advanced Power Electronics Corp.
Part Number: APE3061

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