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PSpice Version Expands Power IC Library

EMA Design Automation and AEi Systems have released version 2.0b of AEi Systems’ Power IC Model Library for the Cadence PSpice simulator. Version 2.0b has over 200 time-domain simulation models for power-electronics designs. The library also includes model netlists in PSpice syntax, schematic symbols for both Cadence OrCAD Capture and legacy schematics, and a set of example application circuits for many of the IC models. The models are compatible with all past versions of the PSpice simulator, as well as the latest OrCAD Capture version 9.x, 10.x, and 16.0 software.

Some of the Power IC Model Library’s models incorporate recent PSpice built-in component and building block advances. These advances allow models to take full advantage of recent PSpice capabilities, including increasing speed for simulating math equations, and if-then-else constructs that are used throughout the model library. This improvement results in speed increases of 10% to 40% for power-supply simulations. The price of version 2.0b of the library is $1995, plus a yearly maintenance of $495.

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