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Power-Supply Controller Saves Space in LCD TVs

Maxim Integrated Products’ MAX17014 is a highly integrated, multiple-output power-supply controller for TFT-LCD TVs and monitors. The device operates from an 8-V to 16.5-V input-voltage range, and is optimized for LCD-panel applications that use a 12-V supply. To save space, cost, and design time, this TFT-LCD solution integrates stepdown and stepup regulators; positive and negative charge pumps; two operational amplifiers; and a Dual Mode, logic-controlled, high-voltage switch-control block.

To reduce further total solution size and cost, the stepup and stepdown regulators feature internal power MOSFETs and high-frequency operation, enabling the use of small inductors and capacitors. Both switching regulators use fixed-frequency, current-mode control architectures to provide fast load-transient response and easy compensation. Additionally, they provide soft-start functions to limit inrush current during startup, adjustable power-up timing, and 180 degree out-of-phase operation to minimize input ripple.

Internal switch current limiting and output-fault shutdown protect the step-up and step-down power supplies against fault conditions. Packaging is in a 7-mm x 7-mm x 0.8-mm, 48-pin TQFN. In quantities of 1000, unit pricing starts at $4.50. A data sheet is available at www.maxim-ic.com/MAX17014

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