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Power Sequencer Features 4 Outputs

The PS12 from Supertex is a power supply sequencer with four outputs, each capable of sequencing power-up and power-down. It delivers an integrated power sequencing solution for use in telecommunications and networking systems that saves board space and increases system accuracy and reliability.

The PS12 features an input voltage monitor, a power-on reset generator, four open-drain outputs, and seven timers. It controls up to four loads through outputs that can connect to the enable inputs of power supply modules either directly or through level-shifting or isolating drivers. The PS12 also features individually programmable delays of 5 ms to 200 ms, an input voltage monitor, and an input voltage range of up to 90 V.

The PS12 is available in a 16-lead SO package (PS12NG-G). Samples are available. Pricing is $2.06 each for the PS12NG-G in 1000-unit quantities.

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