Apex Microtechnology's PA194 with measurements
Apex Microtechnology's PA194 with measurements

Power Op Amp Combines 1700-V/µs Slew Rate, 900-V Supply Operation

Apex Microtechnology's power operational amplifiers target applications where speed and accuracy are a must.

Apex Microtechnology's high-speed, high-voltage power operational amplifiers can deliver precision high voltage at fast speeds in a variety of applications where speed and accuracy are a must, says the company.

The new PA194 is a refined implementation of the Apex PA94, extending slew-rate capabilities by +1,000 V/µs. The PA194 has a typical slew rate of 1700 V/µs to enable fast rise and fall times on supply voltage operation of up to 900 V, and a very low noise density of ~5 nV/µHz at 1 kHz. The PA194 has a continuous output current capability of 100 mA and exhibits 4 mA of quiescent current with an integrated standby mode for increased efficiency. This amplifier is available in an 8-pin power SIP package with heat tab and can dissipate up to 30 W.

"Designers looking to apply very high levels of voltage with precision and speed will certainly want to evaluate the PA194," says Apex Strategic Marketing Director Jens Eltze. "We designed this power amplifier to operate with enhanced efficiency and reliability while lowering noise density within the electrical circuitry. The end result will be an increase in overall end-system performance."

The range of target applications include industrial instrumentation, semi-cap test equipment, and SEM analysis tools using electron beam focusing, particle deflection, and piezoelectric positioning.

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