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Power Controller Supports Three Notebook Functions

Intersil’s ISL6236 is a high-efficiency, multi-function quad output controller. This device allows designers to qualify one part for the three power functions within the architecture of a notebook computer. It is externally programmable and allows the switchers and the LDO to support either 3.3-V to 5-V system regulation, double data rate (DDR) memory or graphics processing.

The device features an input voltage range from 5.5 V to 25 V and utilizes a constant on-time topology. Other features include pulse-skip mode and ultrasonic pulse-skip mode, which provides high light-load efficiency. Ultrasonic pulse-skipping maintains the switching frequency above 25 kHz to eliminate noise in audio applications.

The part also features temperature compensated RDS(ON) current sensing, up to 97% efficiency, programmable current limit with foldback capability and 5-mW quiescent power dissipation.

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