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Position Sensing Technology Is Selected By Car Maker

TT electronics OPTEK Technology has been selected by a major North American OEM to supply chassis sensors using the company’s Autopad technology. Autopad is a non-contact precision inductive sensing technology capable of providing absolute position sensing as well as relative displacement feedback.

According to Dale Teeters, automotive business unit director for OPTEK Technology, Autopad can be used for a wide range of automotive and vehicle position sensing applications, including chassis sensors. “For chassis sensors, Autopad provides a linear ratiometric output signal relative to rotary or linear displacement,” said Teeters. “This provides the necessary feedback for load leveling and active suspension systems.” In addition to chassis height sensors, the technology is ideal for headlamp leveling, ride height and suspension control.

Autopad exhibits a linear sensing range of 20 mm to 220mm, with angle sensing at 360º, 2 x 180º, 3 x 120º, and 4 x 90º. Accuracy is better than 1% and typical linearity is ±1%. Measurement speed for the device is less than 1 ms, with a current consumption of less than 10 mA. Operating temperature range is -40ºC to +150ºC. Autopad technology features analog, ratiometric, PWM and digital outputs.

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