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PoE Chips and Equipment Provide Latest Building Blocks for High-Power PoE

Although the high-power power-over-Ethernet (PoE) standard IEEE-802.3at may still be a year away from ratification, the development of high-power PSE controller ICs, midspans, and power supplies continues with new devices enabling delivery of 36 W or 72 W per port. Recently introduced products from Microsemi, Phihong USA, and SL Power Electronics illustrate the performance and features offered by the current PoE technology. These products include 8- and 12-port PSE power managers optimized for the IEEE-802.3at draft standard, a 36-W per port PoE midspan, and a family of single-port 32-W power injectors.

PSE Power Manager ICs
Microsemi has announced an IEEE-802.3at-ready power-over-Ethernet (PoE) integrated solution family, delivering up to 60 W power for devices ranging from video screen phones and WiMAX transmitters to pan-tilt-zoom cameras, thin-clients and laptop computers.

The product family includes the PD69012 12-port PSE high PoE manager IC and the PD69008 8-port PSE high PoE manager IC. Both feature external power FETs, enabling switch manufacturers to build switches that can drive 36 W for every two-pairs. These power managers interface to devices consuming up to 30 W, with ongoing currents of 720 mA, as required by IEEE802.3at-draft 1.0.

Applications requiring up to 60 W can use the same Microsemi integrated circuits in a 4-pair configuration. The ICs support Layer-2 Classification and 2-event classification, which reduces the software resources required to implement PoE switches and is essential for building IEEE-802.3at midspans.

“The PD69012 and PD69008 were built to support the higher currents required by PoE Plus, allowing not only peace-of-mind but full optimization for IEEE802.3at,” says Daniel Feldman, PoE product line manager at Microsemi.

Both the PD69012 and PD69008 include all of the features found in lower-power PSE power managers such as the PD64012G and PD64004A and in the pre-standard PD64012GH and PD64004AH. Such features include detection of pre-standard devices, dynamic power management and emergency power management. In addition, the new devices add support for power management based on Layer-2 classification.

With increases in the maximum theoretical power per port, advanced power management features become critical for the design of PoE switches. These features can save integrators an average of 50% of the cost of adding PoE to a switch, by allowing sharing of power supplies and the employment of smaller power supplies, according to Microsemi.

"The PD69012 allows the industry to build next generation IEEE802.3at or PoE Plus switches and midspans, enabling support for products that require more power, such as PTZ security cameras and 802.11n APs," said Val Oliva, director of product strategy at Foundry Networks.

The PD69012 and PD69008 can be configured on a port-by-port basis to work in IEEE-802.3at mode or 100% IEEE-802.3af-compliant mode. Both PoE managers can be used standalone or with the PD69000, which enhances the power management support and provides a backwards-compatible interface with the PD63000 and PDIC66000. This approach guarantees customers who have been shipping PowerDsine PoE solutions in switches since 2002 can make minimal software changes to adopt the latest PoE technology.

"The PD69012 and PD69008 are designed with the flexibility to allow for both 36-W and 72-W solutions, enabling our customers to have compliant and efficient products ready when the IEEE-802.3at standard is ratified in early 2009," says Steve Litchfield, executive vice president and president of Microsemi's Analog Mixed Signal Group.
The PD69012 and PD69008 are sampling now and will be in volume production in Q2 2008.

PoE Midspan Produces Up to 576 W

Phihong USA has introduced a high-power, 36-W-per-port PoE midspan. Designated the POE576U, this low-cost midspan provides full power of 576 W for 10/100/1000 Base–T networks and requires no power management. This Power-over-Ethernet device is ideal for powering VoIP phones, security systems, IP cameras and wireless access points.

Available in 8- or 16-port versions, this high-power PoE midspan is 17.25 in. by 8.98 in. by 1.75 in. Compatible with IEEE-802.3af devices, networks are avai1able with 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T, and 1000BASE-T data rates. An SNMP option is available.

The POE576U has safety and protection systems designed to meet the IEEE 802.3 standards, including detection, disconnect and overload control. Overtemperature protection allows the midspan to automatically shut down without being damaged and the outputs are equipped with short-circuit protection. Also, in case of overvoltage, the outputs will shut down without any permanent damage to the midspan.

The voltage range is 90 Vac to 264 Vac, with ac input frequency from 47 Hz to 63 Hz. Typical pricing for the POE576U starts at $395 each for the 8-port version.

Gigabit Plus External Power Supply
SL Power Electronics, has introduced a family of single-port power injectors for PoE, Gigabit-compatible applications (10/100/1000 MbPS data rates) with up to 32 W (model dependent). The Ault PW183 family, known as PoE Plus Gigabit, provides power to devices through RJ45 jacks and high-speed data transfer over a single Ethernet cable.

“Our goal with our Power over Ethernet line is a simple one – to provide a full-range of standard single port midspan solutions with a complete arsenal of options so our customers can tailor the PoE solution to meet their unique requirements and branding,” explained Greg Harris, vice president, Global Sales and Marketing, SL Power.

The Ault PW183 midspan single port family recognizes a signature before enabling full output power. It also protects against more than one power supply per cable, regardless of polarity. Of the four models in the family, two are compliant with the IEEE-802.3af detection, disconnect, overload and over voltage control function standard (PW183RB and PW183RD). A load diagnostic LED advises by color and/or by blinking whether the injector is active, on or there is an error (IEEE-802.3af compliant models) and Power ON LED for models that do not meet IEEE-802.3af specifications.

For the four models in the family, two are 30-W models compliant with the IEEE-802.3af detection, disconnect, overload and overvoltage control function (PW183RB and PW183RD). The PW183RD also is a PoE Plus model, non-Gigabit. The PW183RA is a 32-W model designed to power legacy equipment and the PW183RC is a 32-W PoE Plus solution that supports 10/100 MbPS data rates, non-Gigabit.

AC input range for the entire family is 100 Vac to 240 Vac and 47 Hz to 63 Hz. The Ault PW183 family features a desktop style and complies with EMI/RFI regulations, is CE compliant, and meets safety approvals for OEMs to support customers worldwide. SL Power also offers a service called, Personalized PoE. This service provides customers an array of options to customize the power injector to meet unique technical, marketing or branding needs.

The Ault PW183RB is available immediately for approximately $19 in quantities of 1000 (pricing is model dependent).

For information on previously introduced, high-power PoE controllers see, “PoE Chips Reach For Higher Power and New Features,” which appeared in the March 2007 issue of Power Electronics Technology.

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