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Piezoelectric Motor Demand Expected to Grow 15%

According to a new report from Innovative Research and Products (iRAP) entitled “Piezoelectric Operated Actuators and Motors – A Global Industry and Market Analysis (ETP-102),” the global market for piezoelectric operated actuators and motors will double from $5.3 billion in 2006 to $10.7 billion by the year 2011 at an average annual rate of growth (AARG) of 15.1%.

According to the report, new applications are emerging for piezoelectric operated actuators and motors in applications including aircraft, automobile hydraulics and drug delivery. Among piezoelectric devices, piezoelectric actuators produce a small displacement with a high force capability when voltage is applied. They are used mainly in ultra-precise positioning and in the generation and handling of high forces or pressures.

Piezoelectric motors use a piezoelectric ceramic element to produce ultrasonic vibrations in a stator structure. The elliptical movements of the stator are converted into the movement of a slider that is pressed into frictional contact with the stator. Depending on the stator's design, the resulting movement can be either rotational or linear.

The report includes several major findings. For example, among the five markets, the ceramic servo motor is the largest and most mature. It is likely to grow at an annual rate of 11%. However, the piezoelectric multilayer actuators and motors will see the highest growth rate, estimated to be 19.2% annually.

The report also found that the life science and medical technology fields also constitute a high-growth segment of piezoelectric-operated actuators and motors. This market is expected to grow at 18.7% annually and could record an even higher growth rate if there is wider acceptance by end users. It is still going through a gestation period.

The report, “Piezoelectric Operated Actuators and Motors – A Global Industry and Market Analysis (ETP-102),” was published January 2007, and is available from its source, iRAP (P.O. Box 16760, Stamford, CT 06905, USA, Telephone: (203) 569-7909, Email: [email protected]), as a bound hard copy for $2450.

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