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PFC Modules Suit 6-kW Motor Drives

Three new Smart Power Modules (SPM) from Fairchild Semiconductor are designed for full-switching power factor correction (PFC) in motor drive applications in the 3-kW to 6-kW power range. Each PFC-SPM device integrates two fast-recovery diodes, two freewheeling diodes, two IGBTs, a gate-driver IC, a shunt resistor and a thermistor into one thermally efficient 44-mm x 26.8-mm package. These devices also provide a 99% power factor (typical) to meet the mandatory PFC standard (IEC61000-3-2) and 40-kHz switching operation to mitigate power loss.

These PFC-SPM devices enhance reliability in end systems by integrating a thermistor for temperature monitoring and a shunt resistor for current sensing. The built-in resistor also reduces parts count by eliminating the need for the external bulky components required by discrete solutions. Further reliability features include under-voltage (UV) and over-current (OC) protection provided by their integrated gate-driving IC. They also provide an isolation voltage rating of 2500Vrms (min) and their packaging complies with basic creepage and clearance spacing for UL certification No. E209204.

The FPDB20PH60 (600 V/20 A), FPDB30PH60 (600 V/30 A) and the FPDB50PH60 (600 V/50 A) are available in lead (Pb)-free Mini-DIP packages and priced at $22.30, $23.74 and $31.78, respectively. Visit Fairchild’s website for more information about Fairchild's SPM portfolio.

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