Power Electronics

PFC Controller Targets AC-DC Adapters

STMicroelectronics' L6563 power factor correction (PFC) controller integrates a broad range of functions to increase safety and efficiency while minimizing the need for external components. The controller is designed for PFC pre-regulators in high-end ac-dc adapters and chargers for laptop PCs and servers. It is also designed for IEC and JEIDA-MITI compliant switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) handling over 250 W.

The L6563 current-mode PFC controller operates in Transition Mode (TM) and provides a highly cost-effective solution for applications in the region of 100 W to 300 W. Power in excess of 400 W can easily be managed by implementing ST’s Fixed-Off-Time (FOT) architecture. The device features low power consumption, with a start-up current before turn-on of 90 µA, and a 5-mA operating current.

New safety features include brownout and feedback disconnection protection. The former is a non-latched device shutdown function that can be activated when mains undervoltage is detected. The latter prevents uncontrolled output voltage rise, in case of failure of the voltage regulation control loop.

In addition, the IC provides input voltage feed-forward, tracking-boost operation, inductor saturation detection and leading edge blanking, as well as a direct interface to the cascaded dc-dc converter's PWM controller. The L6563 current-mode PFC controller is available now in a 14-pin SOP. Pricing is $0.28 in quantities of 1000.

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