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Optoplanar® Packaging Technology Powers 2.5 A Output Optocoupler

Optoplanar® Packaging Technology Powers 2.5 A Output Optocoupler

Fairchild’s  FOD8332 is an advanced 2.5 A output current IGBT/MOSFET drive optocoupler.  The device's insulation working voltage rating (VIORM) of 1,414 V is 13 percent higher than the competition, permitting the device to directly drive 1200 V IGBTs. Common Mode Transient Immunity (CMTI) is more than 100 percent better than competitive solutions, while Dynamic Power Consumption per cycle (ESW) during switching is 50 percent less than the competition.

These high voltage parts allow systems of a given power rating to operate at higher voltages and lower currents where the noise filtering becomes less lossy resulting in higher efficiency inverters.

The FOD8332 integrates critical protection features necessary for preventing fault conditions that lead to destructive thermal runaway of IGBTs. It reduces design complexity as most protection features are built-in, eliminating the need for the board designer to specify additional components.

The device utilizes Fairchild's proprietary Optoplanar® coplanar packaging technology and optimized IC design to achieve high insulation voltage and high noise immunity, characterized by high common mode rejection.

The device is housed in a wide body 16-pin small outline plastic package which delivers high isolation performance in a compact package.

Key Features:

·     Input LED Drive Facilitates Receiving Digitally Encoded Signals from PWM Output       Optically Isolated Fault-Sensing Feedback    

·     Active Miller Clamp to Shut Off IGBT During High dv/dt without Negative Supply Voltage

·     High Noise Immunity Characterized by Common Mode Rejection - 35 kV/µs Minimum, VCM = 1500 VPEAK      

·     2.5 A Peak Output Current Driving Capability for Medium Power IGBT   

·     P-Channel MOSFETs at Output Stage Enable Output Voltage Swing Close to Supply Rail (Rail-to-Rail Output)     

·     Wide Supply Voltage Range: 15 V to 30 V     

·     UL1577, 4,243 V RMS for 1 Minute     

·     DIN-EN/IEC60747-5-5 (Pending)      

·     1,414 VPEAK Working Insulation Voltage        

·     8,000 VPEAK Transient Isolation Voltage Rating       

·     8 mm Creepage and Clearance Distances

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