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Power Electronics

Op Amps Add Precision and Save Space

STMicroelectronics introduced two new families of low-power operational amplifiers with enhanced accuracy and reduced package size. ST's TSV85x and LMV82x devices aim to upgrade the industry-standard (LMV321) in signal-conditioning applications across the Computer, Industrial and Medical fields.

Boasting the industry's smallest size with no penalty in performance, ST's newest op amps address the trend towards sleek form factors in today's electronics, such as in ultra-thin laptop computers.

ST's newest op amps come with a shut-down pin option that reduces the device current consumption to zero and the A-grade devices in both TSV85x and LMV82x families boast the industry's lowest input offset voltage values, cutting production-trimming costs for the equipment manufacturers.

ST's TSV85x and LMV82x op-amp ICs can operate at 200mV below zero in common mode, which enhances design freedom and they are capable of withstanding up to 6V in absolute maximum rating, increasing the margin on a typical 5V power supply. Wider supply voltage range and superior ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Protection) capabilities translate into greater application safety.

These op amps come in single, dual and quad versions. The dual op amp ICs in both families are available in 2x2 mm DFN8 packages - the industry's smallest for this type of product.

ST's TSV85x and LMV82x op-amp ICs are already in volume production. Unit pricing in quantities of 1,000 pieces ranges from $0.33 to $0.57 (TSV85x) and from $0.39 to $0.86 (LMV82x), depending on the configuration and package.

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