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Op amp Delivers Precision At High Voltage

Texas Instruments’ OPA454 precision power op amp operates on supplies up to 100 V and delivers an output current of ±50 mA with a 150 mA short-circuit limit. The driving force for the OPA454 design was high-voltage test equipment, which requires a combination of high voltage with high dc accuracy and significant speed.

Device type: precision power op amp
Features: unity-gain stability; a fast-acting enable/disable pin referenced to the common pin, which can be ground; an output status flag, referenced to the common pin, tells the user when an overcurrent or thermal overload condition occurs
Supply voltage: ±5 V (10 V single supply) to ±50 V (100 V single supply)
Output voltage swing: 1 V to rails
Output load drive: greater than ±50 mA
DC offset: 4mV maximum with 5 µV/ºC drift .
Slew rate: 10 V/µs and
Gain-bandwidth product: 2.5 MHz.
Bias current: ±110 pA, allows accurate measurements from high impedance sources or sensitive current shunt circuits.
Operating temperature range:-40ºC to +85ºC
Packaging: SO-8 PowerPAD package with exposed metal pad; will also be available in a HSOP-20 PowerPAD package in 2Q 2008
Target applications: optical communications, industrial control, data acquisition and power supplies and regulators
Pricing: $3.45 each in 100-piece quantities
Availability: available now

Data sheet posted on web? yes, see www.ti.com/opa454-pr
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