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Op Amp Boasts Low Noise and Wide Bandwidth

Intended for high-end applications, STMicroelectronics’ TSH300 wide-bandwidth op amp features an equivalent input noise voltage of 0.65 nV/√Hz. The amplifier also offers a bandwidth of 200 MHz at a gain of 5 for a gain-bandwidth product of 1 GHz.

With its high slew rate of 230 V/µs and good linearity (SFDR of 55 dBc, measured with a 10-MHz output sine wave of 2 Vp-p into a 100-Ω load), the TSH300 is well suited to ADC interface applications. Its low noise performance and wide bandwidth have been achieved using a very fast 0.25-μm complementary bipolar manufacturing process.

The amplifier is stable for gains greater than 5, enabling it to be used at high gain values for small amplitude input signals. Its topology allows it to be used in inverting mode with excellent frequency response, providing good performance when combining two devices in the differential configuration. Voltage feedback architecture allows the use of reactive elements in the feedback loop, as required for many filter topologies. It operates from 4.5 V to 5.5 V on either single or dual supplies.

The device is available in volume now in SO-8 and SOT23-5L packages. Pricing is $1.50 each for quantities of up to 5000.

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