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New Family Of Dual Non-Synchronous PWM Buck Regulators

Micrel Inc. has rolled out a new family of dual non-synchronous PWM buck regulators. Operating at 2 MHz and 4 MHz, with a maximum load current of 2A/channel, the MIC4742 (2MHz) and MIC4744 (4MHz) are the latest additions to the popular low-voltage family of small footprint, non-synchronous buck regulators. The ICs address the designer's need for a dual regulator solution for the popular 5 and 3.3V buses, as well as the need for smaller footprint and substantial cost savings. The chips target applications such as wired and wireless broadband communication equipments, printers, HD set top boxes, computing peripherals and low power FPGAs - all applications where total solution cost is a critical design consideration.

The MIC4742 and MIC4744 feature ultra-fast operation and a proprietary internal compensation which allows for ultra-fast transient response. Further, the high PWM frequency of operation allows the use of the smallest and most cost-effective LC components. Each channel provides up to 2A of output current, while designers can realize more than 92 percent efficiency. The output voltage can be adjusted down to 0.6V and these devices can operate with a maximum duty cycle of 100 percent for use in low dropout conditions. Both MIC4742 and MIC4744 are available in the highly reliable exposed pad 16-pin 3mm x 3mm MLF® and thermally-enhanced TSSOP-16 packages.

The MIC4742 and MIC4744 are available in volume quantities, with pricing starting at $2.29 and $2.70 respectively, for 1K units.

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