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ArcBlok technology in MCC for arc-flash mitigation

New Arc Flash Isolation Design in Motor-Control Centers

Schneider Electric’s design prevents arc flash from initiating—the passive system contains line-side arc flash at maximum rated level.

Schneider Electric has announced the introduction of its patented ArcBlok technology in the Square D Brand Model 6 Motor Control Center (MCC) for arc-flash mitigation. This will improve worker safety and protect equipment from damage.

The new design prevents arc flash from originating, and extinguishes and contains the arc energy if a problem occurs, says the company. The passive system can contain the line-side arc-flash event at the equipment’s maximum rated level. A newly designed main MCC section reinforces the structure while added thermal sensors allow for temperature monitoring via a mobile device outside the arc-flash boundary.

The unit allows for faster temperature readings without the discomfort of PPE normally required for infrared thermography. Using Zigbee communication protocols, main-breaker operating temperatures can be monitored on a wireless device.

The unit can be specified for new installation or retrofitted as a new main section to add protection to existing MCC installation.

Arc-flash prevention is important in the electrical industry as these events can cause equipment damage and serious physical injury to workers. Despite the advancement in standards such as NFPA 70E (Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace) and industry efforts to establish safety-related work practices, these methods have limited effectiveness.  

For more information on the new ArcBlok technology in Square D Brand Motor Control Center or Schneider Electric, please visit

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