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Multiphase Regulators Deliver 84 A

Linear Technology's LTC3415 monolithic synchronous buck regulator uses a phase-lockable, constant frequency, current-mode architecture, which permits a single device to deliver up to 7 A of output at voltages as low as 0.6 V. In addition, the LTC3415's PolyPhase operation enables multiple (up to twelve total) regulators to be run with interleaved phases while using minimal input and output capacitance. When twelve LTC3415s are cascaded together, they can drive a single load with up to 84 A of output current while sharing current equally between the units.

Its input voltage range of 2.5 V to 5.5 V makes it well suited for single cell Li-Ion battery as well as point-of-load applications. Its default switching frequency is internally set at 1.5 MHz.

The device uses internal switches with an RDS(ON) of 0.025 Ω (n-channel) and 0.032 Ω (p-channel) to deliver efficiencies as high as 96%. It also utilizes low dropout 100% duty cycle operation to allow output voltages equal to VIN.

Selectable Burst Mode operation offers no-load quiescent current of 450 µA, and less than 1 µA in shutdown. If the application is noise sensitive, the LTC3415 can be configured to skip pulses, provide forced continuous operation or utilize spread spectrum frequency switching to reduce noise and potential RF interference. Additionally, the LTC3415 can be externally synchronized from 750 kHz to 2.25 MHz to further reduce noise.

The LTC3415 is available from stock in a 38-pin, 5-mm x 7-mm QFN. Pricing starts at $6.50 each in 1000-piece quantities.
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