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A buck converter of ON Semiconductor's FAN6500X family
A buck converter of ON Semiconductor's FAN6500X family.

Multichip-Module PWM Buck Regulators Handle 4.5 to 65 V

ON Semiconductor's FAN6500X buck converters will find homes in a range of applications within the industrial and consumer sectors.

Supporting a wide input voltage range of 4.5 V to 65 V, an output current of up to 10 A and output power of 100 W, ON Semiconductor's FAN6500X family of buck converters offers a fixed-frequency control scheme with flexible Type III compensation and robust fault protection, according to the company.

The company says by combining its PowerTrench MOSFET process in a PQFN footprint, the FAN65008B/5A/4B PWM buck converters deliver extremely low parasitics in the power path. Designers can thus realize a peak efficiency of 98.5%, with low ringing and better EMI than a solution that uses an external MOSFET.

All three devices support the 4.5- to 65-V input voltage range, making them applicable to a large range of applications in the industrial and consumer sectors, from base-station power supplies to home automation. They’re also suitable for battery-management systems, as well as USB Power Delivery (PD) applications.

The integration of two LDOs plus an on-chip Power Path switch give designers the flexibility to power the controller from the input voltage, the buck converter output, or through the PVCC pin using the Power Path.

High-level integration means manufacturers can use the FAN6500x family to properly balance power density, BOM cost, performance, and flexibility.

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