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Multi-Output Controllers Integrate Greater Functionality

Intersil’s ISL8501 and ISL8510 are multiple-output standard buck ICs that integrate critical power management functions including enhanced fault protection to lower the number of components and save board space in point-of-load applications. These chips feature a 5-V fixed input-voltage capability and variable input-voltage ranges up to 25 V.

The ISL8501 is a triple-output controller with two 500-mA LDOs and a 1-A standard PWM regulator with integrated high-side power MOSFET. The ISL8510 is a dual-output device with a single 500-mA LDO and a 1-A standard PWM regulator. The output voltage of the LDOs is fully adjustable from 0.6 V to 4. 2V and the PWM regulator’s output voltage is adjustable from 0.6 V to 20 V.

Both devices integrate two PGood outputs for the PWM and the LDOs, along with dedicated Enable inputs, eliminating the need for a separate sequencer/supervisor. Enhanced fault protection features include undervoltage protection, thermal overload protection and overcurrent protection for both the PWM and LDOs.

The ISL8501 and ISL8510 are available with identical pin-to-pin configurations in 24-lead, thermally-enhanced 4-mm x 4-mm QFNs. In 1000-piece quantities, unit pricing is $2.17 for the ISL8501 and $2.04 for the ISL8510. More information is available at www.intersil.com/0,1477,ISL8501,0.html and www.intersil.com/0,1477,ISL8510,0.html

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