Power Electronics

Motion Power Modules Optimize Industrial, Consumer Applications

Fairchild Semiconductor’s ten highly efficient, integrated Motion-SPM power modules enhance the performance of motors rated to 3 kW for home appliances and industrial applications. The modules offer inverter-based control for energy-efficient three-phase motors. Integrating three HVICs, one LVIC, six NPT IGBTs, six FRDs and three bootstrap diodes, the modules replace as many as 22 discrete components.

Key benefits of the modules include built-in NPT IGBTs that provide optimal tradeoffs between conduction losses and switching losses. For example, the 600 V/15 A FSBB15CH60B module has a typical VCE(SAT) of 1.6 V, and a typical EOFF, of 28 µJ/A. This same unit has a dead time of 1.5 µs. Housed in 44 mm x 26.8 mm Mini-DIP packaging, 100-piece pricing for the modules ranges from $11.80 to $28.40.

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