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Motion-Control Platform Takes Flight

With the introduction of the IRMCT3UF1 motor-control module, International Rectifier (IR) has taken motor-control technology originally developed for appliance applications and made it sufficiently rugged to withstand the rigors of aerospace applications. The module eases the implementation of digital sensorless vector control of permanent magnet motors. These types of motors are seeing increasing use in airplanes as their manufacturers transition from hydraulic controls to electric motors as a way of reducing weight and improving fuel economy. (For more on this subject, see “Motor-Control Technologies Bolster Aircraft Efficiencies” on page 48.)

Based on IR's iMOTION integrated design platform and its simplified approach to code development, the new module combines digital control, analog interface and power stage, streamlining time-to-market and increasing design flexibility to accommodate drive system changes. Less than half the size of a discrete solution, the module uses hybrid construction to combine a digital controller, memory, external interface, gate drivers and six power MOSFETs into an 8-in2 package. The IRMCT3UF1 is built into IR's high-density plastic ring-frame package, and screened to the various test methods of MIL-STD-883 for operation in severe environmental conditions.

“Compared to complex DSP- or micro-processor-based solutions that require position sensors and sophisticated programming, the iMOTION platform simplifies motor-control design for aerospace systems,” said Michael Toland, power modules product marketing manager for IR's HiRel Products. “It is estimated that up to one man-year of motor-control system design can be saved, eliminating the laborious code development associated with digital motion control,” he added.

Pricing for the IRMCT3UF1 HiRel iMOTION module is $995 each in 100-unit quantities. For additional information, see www.irf.com/product-info/imotion.

Product Catagories 2010 Market ($B) CAGR 05-10
Analog ICs (total) 51.5 10.1%
Microprocessors 51.9 8.2%
Flash Memories 37.4 15.0%
DRAM 43.6 11.2%
Total IC Market 302.0 9.4%
IGBTs 0.6 12.3%
Analog Volt. Reg. & Ref. ICs 10.3 11.8%
Power FET Modules 0.2 11.2%
IGBT Modules 1.8 10.8%
Power FETs (total) 5.9 7.1%
Low-voltage Power FETs (<200 V) 4.3 6.3%
High-voltage Power FETs (>200 V) 1.7 9.5%
Power Transistors (total) 10.5 6.3%
Rectifiers 3.1 5.6%
Thyristors 0.9 5.0%
Diodes 2.6 3.5%
Bipolar Power Transistors 0.9 -3.4%
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