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MOSFET Drivers Accept Inputs Up To 125 V

From Maxim Integrated Products, the MAX15018/MAX15019 are high-voltage, high-speed, half-bridge n-channel MOSFET drivers that feature a high-side pin that allows input voltages up to 125 V, versus the 105 V rating of competitive products.

Device type: half-bridge MOSFET drivers
Input voltage range: up to 125 V
Quiescent current: up to 190 µA max for VDD (depending on model) and 190 µA for BST
Features: Pin compatibility with industry-standard HIP2100IB and HIP2101IB, 3-A peak source/sink current, 35-ns (typ) propagation delay, guaranteed 2-ns (max) matched propagation delay between drivers; choice of TTL- or CMOS-compatible noninverting/noninverting or noninverting/inverting logic inputs; logic inputs are protected against voltage spikes up to +15 V, regardless of the V+ supply voltage
Operating temperature range: -40Cº to +125ºC (ambient)
Packaging: standard and thermally enhanced 8-pin SO packages
RoHS compliant? lead-free
Target applications: telecom power supplies that must withstand 100 V or higher transient voltages and high-frequency power supplies
Pricing: starts at $1.62 each in quantities of 1000
Availability: available now
Data sheet? yes, see www.maxim-ic.com/MAX15018

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