Power Electronics

MOSFET Driver Outputs 6 A at 2 MHz

Micrel’s MIC44F18/19/20 family of 6-A MOSFET drivers targets power supplies and synchronous rectification applications operating at frequencies as fast as 2 MHz. The devices are fabricated with Micrel’s proprietary BiCMOS/DMOS process for low-power consumption and high-efficiency TTL and CMOS input logic-level compliance. Output voltage levels can swing to within 25 mV of the positive supply ground, in comparison to bipolar devices, which are only capable of swinging to within 1 V of the supply.

The chips are capable of symmetrically sinking and sourcing current up to 6 A with a propagation delay of 10 ns and switching times of 15 ns. The MIC44F18/19/20 series feature an input voltage range from 4.5 V to 13.2 V, suited for power applications with 5-V and regulated 12-V voltage buses.

The solutions also include enable function, latch-up protection, and programmable UVLO functions. They are offered in thermally enhanced packages, an exposed-pad MSOP-8 and 2-mm x 2-mm MLF-8 package options. The ICs are available in volume with pricing starting at $0.75 for 10,000-piece quantities.
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