Power Electronics

Monitor Measures Current at High Voltages

The ZXCT1081 current monitor from Zetex Semiconductors operates from 3 V to 40 V. With its fixed gain, the ZXCT1081 requires only a single low-value sense resistor to accurately measure high-side currents. The SOT23-5 packaged monitor is well suited for overcurrent protection in power supply and automotive applications. Its transient capability allows it to tolerate load-dump conditions without the need for additional circuitry.

A separate supply pin enables the ZXCT1081 to function under short circuit conditions, providing an end stop voltage at the output. The monitor’s 5-V supply voltage operation ensures the monitor is readily interfaced with microcontrollers and ADCs, and prevents the output from exceeding supply rail voltage. The 1000-piece price of the ZXCT1081 is $0.54.

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