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Micropower Step-Up Low-Voltage Booster Module

Advanced Linear Devices Inc. (ALD) announces the release of the next product in the new family of MicroPower Step-up Low-Voltage Booster Modules. The EH4205 is a new addition to the next series of ALD's low-voltage booster modules. It is a self-powered, self-starting module that converts very low power or voltage to higher DC or AC voltage. On average the voltage is decrease by more than a factor of two. The module requires no external power source or battery to operate due to an exclusive design parameter that allows it to hibernate, in a zero-power state, until the input of the connected energy source becomes active. At that time, the product starts up, accumulates energy, and functions as long as the source is active. The result is an always on, always ready, always charged energy source. This extremely low-level captured energy is manipulated within the booster module and outputted, as higher DC or AC voltages capable of powering today's energy harvesting (EH) modules. The EH4205 is optimally matched to power ALD's 300 series EH modules, but can power any EH module.

This next generation module is unique in its ability to harness a ultra-low energy sources that were formerly too low to capture, typically 75 mV.

ALD's existing portfolio of low-voltage booster modules already have the lowest energy capture thresholds in the industry. This new and improved series, beginning with the EH4205 ultra-low voltage booster module, has an even lower minimum startup of the earlier module with an input voltage of 75 mV vs. 120 mV.. The minimum operating input power has also been lowered to 230 µW from 250 µW. This seemingly small, but significant change in milliwatts brings some formerly elusive energy sources, such as electro-magnetic coils and thermoelectric energy generators, into the viable Energy Harvesting source category. This makes the EH4205 the only device on the market that can harvest energy from sources beyond the typical competitive landscape, by almost 400%.

The product is in stock at authorized ALD distributor for a cost of $41.99

Advanced Linear Devices Inc. (ALD)
Part Number: EH4205

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