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Low Side Drivers Meet Automotive Needs

Low Side Drivers Meet Automotive Needs

The FAN31xx_F085 and FAN32xx_F085 series of high-speed, low-side automotive qualified gate drivers from Fairchild Semiconductor offer flexibility for power supply and other high-efficiency MOSFET switching applications, providing a wide selection of feature and performance combinations to create compact, highly efficient and reliable designs.

These AEC-Q100 qualified drivers are available in an SO8 package with a choice of TTL or CMOS input thresholds. This ensures the best possible design compatibility. The drivers have two inputs for each channel (either Dual-input (+ and - logic), Inverting and Enable, or Non-inverting and Enable) offering design flexibility.

Key Features:

·     Qualified to AEC-Q100 requirements (shown by flow code "_F085")

·     Compound MillerDrive™ architecture for strong gate drive

·     Short and well-controlled time delays (<20ns propagation delays for >1MHz switching) allows paralleling drivers, and optimizing drive timing to maximize efficiency

·     Fail-safe inputs: output held low if no input signal is present

·     20V Abs max >4kV ESD and >500mA reverse current

·     -40 to +125 degrees C ambient operating temperature range

Price, in 1,000 piece quantities, is $0.98 each for the FAN3216_F085, $1.10 each for the FAN3227_F085, and $1.33 each for the  FAN3122_F085. Samples are available upon request with delivery 8-12 weeks ARO.

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