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Touchstone Semiconductor announced the newest member of its voltage reference family, the TS6001A, a low-power, low-dropout precision SOT-23 voltage reference IC that reduces drift to a guaranteed 7ppm/°C maximum, a 2X improvement over its closest competitor, the MAX6025A.

The combination of a small form factor, few external components and low supply current make the TS6001A an ideal choice for low-voltage, supply-independent, power-sensitive applications, including handheld and battery-operated equipment.

The TS6001A is capable of sinking and sourcing load currents up to 500?A. The TS6001A consumes only 27µA of supply current at no-load. It also offers an initial accuracy initial output voltage accuracy of less than 0.08%.

Key Specifications:

  • Initial VOUT Accuracy: 0.08% (max)
  • VOUT Temperature Coefficient:
  • 7ppm/°C (max) - TS6001A
  • 15ppm/°C °C (max) TS6001B
  • Quiescent Supply Current: 35µA (max)
  • High Output Source/Sink Current: ±500µA
  • Low Dropout at 500µA Load Current: 100mV
  • Stable with CLOADs up to 2200pF

The TS6001A and TS6001B are available in a space-saving 3-pin SOT23 package. It is in stock and ready to ship. Pricing starts at $1.75 each for the TS6001A and $1.60 for the TS6001B in 1,000 piece quantities.

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