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Low-Noise LDOs Come In 2-mm x 2-mm Package

From Maxim Integrated Products, the MAX8902A/MAX8902B are 500-mA, low-noise, low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs) offered in thermally enhanced, 2-mm x 2-mm TDFN packages. These tiny devices provide up to 92-dB PSRR (at 5 kHz), 16-µVrms output noise, and a 100-mV (max) dropout voltage at full load. The MAX8902A/MAX8902B are suitable for noise-sensitive and space-constrained applications such as smartphones, PDAs, and PMP/MP3 players.

The MAX8902A/MAX8902B offer ±1.5% output-voltage accuracy and a 1.7-V to 5.5-V input-voltage range. The MAX8902A features preset pin-selectable output voltages between 1.5 V and 4.7 V, and the MAX8902B allows users to adjust the output voltage between 0.6 V and 5.3 V using two external resistors. These devices consume 80 µA of operating current, which reduces to less than 1 µA in shutdown. Other features include a programmable soft-start circuit, short-circuit protection, reverse-current protection, and thermal shutdown.

The LDOs are fully specified over the -40ºC to +125ºC automotive temperature range. Unit pricing starts at $1.25 in quantities of 1000. A data sheet is available at www.maxim-ic.com/MAX8902A

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