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VIPer11 off-line, high-voltage converter
VIPer11 off-line, high-voltage converter.

Off-Line Converters Bring Toughness to Power Supplies

STMicroelectronics’ new VIPer11, with its greater flexibility and efficiency, can be used in a wide range of domestic appliances and consumer products.

The VIPer11 off-line converter with embedded 800-V avalanche-rugged MOSFET, developed by STMicroelectronics, enables equipment makers to design tougher auxiliary power supplies and power adapters. Its 26-V dc drain-start voltage allows an ultra-wide line input voltage range and it enhances flexibility in numerous consumer and industrial applications, says the company.

The logic-level primary MOSFET enables the VIPer11 to operate with a wide supply voltage range, from 4.5 V up to 30 V, allowing the design of high-efficiency 5-V output SMPS. This advantage in combination with features like an integrated high-voltage startup, an error amplifier, and a jittered oscillator that reduces EMI, simplify design and save space and BoM costs, according to the company.

VIPer11 high-voltage converters enable flyback, boost, or buck/boost power supplies powered directly from the rectified ac line or other dc sources to generate the desired output voltage using a simple voltage divider. Efficiency is assured across a wide load range, even at 5-V output voltage, because of the logic-level MOSFET feature, and minimum consumption of 10 mW enables low standby power.

Capable of supporting typical maximum rating of 12 W in an open-frame SMPS, or 10 W in an enclosed adapter, the VIPer11 addresses a wide variety of domestic appliances and consumer products, building-automation equipment, small industrial machinery, lighting, smart meters and motion controls.

The VIPer11 series contains the VIPer114 with drain-current limit (IDLIM) of 480 mA, and the VIPer115 limited at 590 mA, and a choice of 30- or 60-kHz operating frequency. The devices are in mass production now, packaged as SSOP10 power devices, priced from US$0.38 for orders of 1000 pieces.

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