Power Electronics

Lighting IC Simultaneously Controls Multiple Lamp Types

Systel’s IDC2000 ICs family enables systems with multi-channel ballast functionality, deploying different lamps per channel, each driven separately and controlled from a PC or wall control using power-line communication. A single IDC2000 IC enables multi-channel topologies for dimmable or non-dimmable multi-lamp and multi-fixture ballast solutions (central ballast). The ICs use management mixed-signal SoC controller (UPMC) technology, an implementation of digital power control and power management.

A ballast with this multi-channel topology can operate any combination and type of linear or compact fluorescent, LED or HID lamp. Each lamp is individually controllable and protected for full on-off control or dimming to the lowest level determined by the design. These systems can be configured at the point of installation using the PDK design tools.

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