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LED Driver Supports Multi-Mode Operation

Catalyst Semiconductor’s high-power, 500-mA inductive boost LED driver is designed for Movie/Flash mode applications. The CAT4134 offers a fully integrated Movie/Flash switching function, which allows designers to set the exact Flash and Movie modes required via a single resistor, minimizing the need for external circuitry. Capable of driving up to six white/color LEDs, the CAT4134 is ideal for increasing efficiency and simplifying the design of video lighting applications.

The new Catalyst inductive boost LED driver offers dual channel outputs, which provide matched LED currents of up to 250 mA per channel. Output current levels are controlled by one of two resistors, RSET or RFLASH. When the flash input pin is low (Movie mode), RSET controls the LED current. When the flash input pin is high (Flash mode), the resistor RFLASH controls the LED current. Each channel drives two or three white LEDs in series and provides a regulated current to control LED brightness. Input supply down to 3 V is supported, making the device ideal for Li-Ion battery applications.

High frequency, low noise operation allows the CAT4134 to be used with small external inductors and ceramic capacitors while retaining up to 85% efficiency. When disabled the device can be placed into a “Zero” quiescent mode via a shutdown pin, eliminating battery drain when not in use.

The CAT4134 is available in a 3-mm x 3-mm, 12-pin TDFN RoHS-compliant package. Pricing for 10,000-piece quantities is $0.88 each. Samples and evaluation kits are now available.

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