Power Electronics

LDOs Suit Low-Noise Applications

Catalyst Semiconductor’s two additions to its LDO regulator series, the CAT6217 and CAT6218, each use an external bypass capacitor to reduce overall output noise. The devices source 150 mA and 300 mA, respectively. The dropout voltage is 90 mV for a 150-mA load for the CAT6217 and 180 mV for a 300-mA load for the CAT6218.

The CAT6217 and CAT6218 eliminate battery drain when not in use by entering a zero-current shutdown mode. They also offer a typical quiescent current of 55 μA. The CAT6217 is available in output voltages of 1.5 V, 1.8 V, 2.5 V, 2.8 V, 2.85 V and 3.3 V; the CAT6218 in output voltages of 1.8 V, 2.4 V, 2.7 V, 2.85 V, 3.0 V, 3.2 V and 3.3 V. Housed in a five-lead, 1-mm profile SOT-23 package, The CAT6217 is $0.20 each and the CAT6218 is $0.23 each, both in 10,000-piece quantities.

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