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LDO Features Fast Transient Response, Stability

Linear Technology’s LT3009 is a micropower LDO regulator optimizes stability and transient response with low-ESR, 1-μF ceramic output capacitors. These external capacitors can be used without any series resistance. Output tolerance is tightly regulated to within ±2% over line, load and temperature.

The device features a low dropout voltage of only 280 mV and delivers up to 20 mA, and output is adjustable from 0.6 V to 19.5 V. VIN ranges from 1.6 V to 20 V, and quiescent current is 3 μA. The LT3009EDC is housed in the 0.75-mm profile 6-lead DFN (2-mm x 2-mm) package, while the LT3009ESC8 is offered in the 8-lead SC-70 package. Pricing for each for 1000 pieces is $0.95.

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