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Inverter Modules Simplify Motor Designs

Fairchild Semiconductor has expanded its Smart Power Module (SPM) portfolio to include Motion-SPM devices rated for 50 A and 75 A targeting 5-kW to 7.5-kW commercial and industrial inverter motor designs. The 600-V, 50-A FSAM50SM60A and the 600-V, 75-A FSAM75SM60A modules are housed in 60-mm x 31-mm DIPs. Utilizing direct bonded copper (DBC) substrates, the SPM packages provide excellent thermal resistance and heat transfer capability.

Each Motion-SPM integrates six IGBTs, six freewheeling diodes, three HVICs, one LVIC and one thermistor in a single compact module. The HVICs provide a single-grounded power supply for optocoupler-less interface, which reduces component count, while the low-side sense IGBTs provide adjustable short-circuit current protection. Each module offers integrated sensorless control and temperature monitoring. In addition, Motion-SPM devices enhance power efficiency by providing switching frequencies up to 20 kHz and a 2500-Vrms minimum isolation voltage rating. Samples of the new modules are available now. The FSAM50SM60A and FSAM75SM60A are priced at $66.60 and $115.20, respectively.

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