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Image courtesy of Infineon Technologies AG
<p>(Image courtesy of Infineon Technologies AG).</p>

Intelligent Power Module MIPAQ™ Pro with Smart Protection

Infineon Technologies AG launched a new Intelligent Power Module (IPM). The MIPAQ™ Pro provides an all-in-one solution for a wide spectrum of scalable and compact inverter designs to be implemented in wind, solar, and industrial drives applications. MIPAQ Pro is a fully qualified and tested IPM, integrating IGBTs, gate drivers, the heat sink, sensors, digital control electronics as well as digital bus communication. The subsystem provides high power density combined with a large safe operating area (SOA). It provides a new approach for protecting the IPM in addition to high modularity, increased design flexibility and security.

Authentication is key for a secure and reliable system design to be implemented in concepts like the Internet of Things (IoT). For this reason the MIPAQ Pro integrates an Infineon security microcontroller. An Infineon certificate is already embedded to provide authentication of original parts. Individual certificates can be stored allowing authentication of the installed IPM in the system.

MIPAQ Pro provides secure protection technologies. All key operating parameters like the output current (IOUT), DC-link voltage (UDC), PCB temperature (TPCB) and switching frequency (fSW) are monitored closely and related warning signals are issued. Additionally, the operating temperatures (TVJOP) of the IGBTs and the diodes are continuously calculated and monitored. Thus, it is ensured that the IPM operates safely within the specified limits. The smart protection significantly extends the uptime of the application. Adaptions can be done quickly via digital bus communication and an option slot can be used to realize signal adaptations.

The MIPAQ Pro provides a modular and scalable inverter solution. As much as four of the new IPMs can be connected in parallel to cover large power ranges of up to 7 MW. Paralleling is facilitated by adjustable delay settings that ensure a balanced set-up of the overall inverter. The new IPMs come in a half-bridge configuration with blocking voltages of 1200 V or 1700 V. They feature a small footprint with a large output power. A nominal current of up to 2400 A is supported to realize compact inverters. The power density is increased by up to 35 percent compared to previous solutions like ModSTACK™ C. The new high power IPMs are available with liquid cooled as well as air cooled heat sinks.

The new MIPAQ™ Pro platform will be introduced with a 1700 V / 2400 A version equipped with a liquid cooled heat sink (IFF2400P17LE4) and a 1700 V / 2400 A version equipped with an air cooled heat sink (IFF2400P17AE4).

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