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Integrated IO-Link Transceiver Fits in Industrial Applications

Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX14821, the smallest IO-Link(R) physical-layer (PHY) transceiver in the industry. Encased in a 2.5mm x 2.5mm WLP, the MAX14821 saves more than 60% compared to competitors' packages and enables designs to fit in tiny housings. An extra set of a digital output and input plus dual integrated low-dropout linear regulators provide added flexibility with complex sensor modules. This IO-Link transceiver is optimized for point-to-point communication between industrial controllers and sensor modules and actuators.

The IO-Link protocol is a new industrial standard for point-to-point communication between master control modules and sensing peripherals like sensors/actuators. It allows calibration, diagnostics, and data transmission using a standard three-conductor wire and connectors. IO-Link technology makes design and development simpler, installation faster, operation more powerful, and maintenance easier. Maxim has been a member of the IO-Link consortium that defines these standards since 2008.

Designed to meet the latest IO-Link standard, the MAX14821 supports all specified IO-Link data rates: 4.8kbps (COM1), 38.4kbps (COM2), and 230.4kbps (COM3). It also supports 24V binary sensor/actuator applications, so manufacturers can leverage the device's advanced performance capabilities in non-IO-Link applications.

Maxim Integrated Products
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