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ICs Simplify HID Ballasts

International Rectifier’s (IR) IRS2453D family of integrated 600-V self-oscillating full-bridge driver ICs is for HID ballast applications, including general lighting. The ICs utilize high-voltage integrated circuit (HVIC) technology, integrating two high-side and two low-side gate drivers.

The IRS2453D features a simple RC network to program the oscillator, eliminating the need to synchronize two half-bridge drivers. In contrast, solutions using 2 SO-8 driver ICs require a separate oscillator to drive each half-bridge, resulting in unsymmetrical voltages across the load due to mismatching of the on-time states.

In lighting applications, this can cause mercury migration, shortening lamp life. The IRS2453D overcomes this problem by driving both half-bridge drivers with a single oscillator to guarantee accurate matching over the complete temperature and supply voltage range.

The device integrates both a latched and non-latched shutdown input, and eliminates up to seven components. The latched shutdown allows for implementation of various protection features such as cycle-by-cycle over-current, open-load or short-circuit detection without additional components. The non-latched shutdown allows for easy interface to a microcontroller.

Available in 14-lead DIP and SO packages, the lead-free devices provide 50% duty cycle, fixed 1-μs (typical) internal deadtime and integrated bootstrap circuitry. While the ICs are designed to drive the required low-frequency ac voltage in HID lamps, they can also be used as a general-purpose block for other high-frequency applications such as fluorescent ballasts and power supplies.

The IRS2453DPbF, IRS2453DSPbF and IRS2453DSTRPbF are available immediately. Pricing in 10000-unit quantities begins at $1.50 each for IRS2453DPbF and IRS2453DSPbF, and $1.55 each for IRS2453DSTRPbF.
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