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IC Does Current Sensing at High Voltage

The ZXCT1080 current monitor from Zetex Semiconductors features an extended, common-mode-sensing voltage range of 3 V to 60 V, simplifying high-side current sensing in high-voltage circuit protection applications.

Device type: High-side current monitor IC with voltage output
Supply voltage: 4.5 V to 12 V
Sensing voltage range: 3 V to 60 V
Quiescent current: 80µA typ.
Operating temperature range:-40ºC to 125ºC
Packaging: 5-pin SOT-23
Target applications: automotive, industrial motor control, and power supplies
Pricing: $0.788 each in quantities of 1000
Availability: available now
Data sheet posted on web? yes, see

Notes: IC reduces the number of current-measuring external resistors to only one, via a gain-setting resistor with a fixed gain of 10. Ground-referred output voltage can be closely matched with A-D converters and microcontrollers, and protected against overvoltage conditions. An automotive, AEC-Q100-qualified version is also planned for Q1 2008.

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