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High Voltage Non-Isolated Power Controller

High Voltage Non-Isolated Power Controller

Supertex expanded its product offerings in support of MEMS and other high voltage solutions with the introduction of the HV9150. The HV9150 is a power management IC, a hysteretic controller that is intended to simply and easily provide a non-isolated, regulated high voltage output (6V to 500V) from a battery level input (2.7V to 4.5V). The HV9150 is designed as a versatile, simple hysteretic controller, working at a

fixed, user set frequency (40kHz to 400kHz) and duty cycle (50% to 87.5%, 4 options).This 'burst-mode' or hysteretic controller is very simple in operation, with regulation achieved through a valve-control approach, where the pulse chain is gated for drive of the main power switch in response to a droop in output voltage. Given its hysteretic nature, the controller is naturally stable, with no feedback compensation requirements to consider.

Designed to work with an external MOSFET, the HV9150 is designed to support power levels of up to 5W. The gate voltage for the off-board MOSFET can be generated from a lower voltage with an on board charge pump, or from a higher off board voltage through an on board linear regulator. Other features include a ground switch in the feedback path for power savings when the chip is in the low power state and provision for an external reference voltage.

The HV9150 is available in a lead(Pb)-free/RoHS compliant 16-lead 3x3 QFN package (HV9150K6-G). Samples and demoboard (HV9150DB1) are available from stock. Lead-time for production quantities is 4-6 weeks, ARO. Pricing is US$0.77 each in 1K quantities.

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